Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Vote for us on the UK Podcasters Awards

UK Podcasters is having an award show and we'd like you to nominate us for best TV & Film podcast! We've been doing this podcast nearly three years now, putting out at least one podcast a week, as well as all the actitivity we do here on the blog. In those three years we've really come into ourselves and found a style that we, and hopefully you enjoy. We are always looking to improve, and most of all we need your support to do so.

UK Podcasters is a directory for UK-based podcasts (if you hadn't of guessed) and they will be having their first ever award show on September 12th in Manchester, celebrating podcasts in 16 categories, as well as a special international award. We are nominated in the TV & Film category and would really appreciate if you can vote for us!

All you need to do is follow the link here. Click the big red button that says "Nominate this podcast now!", then enter your name and email address, then wait for the email to come through to confirm your request. It's as easy as that! Nominations start today, and finish July 31st.

We are a small podcast, but we are growing. We hope that your nominations help us reach a bigger audience, and that we get more notice so that we can put out more reviews. Richee and I love doing this podcast, and it would really mean a lot to us to get your support.

Thank you!

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