Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Richee's ideal weapons set up from games

So I've had Fallout 4 on my mind recently because, frankly, I can't wait to get back into the wasteland. It got me thinking: if I could have any weapon set up from any games, what would I use? So here's a quick list of my weapon choices from gaming, and I'm gonna keep it to one weapon a game franchise, just to keep me from having nothing but Fallout weapons.

Side arm - Maria

The 9mm pistol from Fallout New Vegas makes up in style what it lacks in power; the weapon is beautiful. With a custom grip and intricate detail, this small fire arm always had a place in my quick select for those weaker enemy's.

Melee weapon- Cleaver Hood

This steel sword from the Witcher 3 is down right beautiful, and even though I've found swords with more damage (the 63% critical hit chance is ridiculous!), I never have any problems dealing with human or non human a like in the world of Temeria.

Primary weapon- Lancer Assault Rifle

The brutal weapon of choice for Marcus Fenix, this assault rifle also adds a chainsaw for those close up encounters where you don't have time to switch to your melee. Plus it packs enough of a punch to take down the toughest of Locusts, which places it above the ACR from Modern Warfare 3. Yeah, that's right, I'm a spray and pray kinda gamer.

Heavy weapon- The Cerebral Bore

This brutal weapon just beat out the destructive power of Dooms B.F.G., with the fact it's so satisfying to watch your enemies not only have their brains drilled out, but also having the explosion as the finishing blow seems some what overkill. I mean, you did just drill his brain literally out, why do you need to explode whats left? Oh well, this was my weapon of choice back when Turok didn't suck.

So what would your weapon set up be? Let us know in the comments below. Also we are going for a podcast award, so if you could take a few minutes to go and vote for us here it would be much appreciated. Richee

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