Monday, 20 July 2015

DVD Roundup: nasty edition

Dreamworks have returned to the cinema with an tale of scaredy-cat aliens who can over-come their fears to take over planets. With Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory as cute but silly extra-terrestrial Oh and Rihanna as the Only (Human) Girl in the World, Home brings nothing different to the animated cannon, but just as the kids break for the summer, this might just satisfy them for at least 96 minutes. Listen to our full podcast review here.

Maybe one of the most controversial film series of recent years, Tom Six's Human Centipede franchise has garnered attention not for its creativity or daring, but instead its pure disgusting premise: sewing people arse-to-mouth to make a so-called centipede. Why? Because its gross. And while controversy can result in big box office takings, the fact that Human Centipede 3 has had the most limited of cinema releases and gone straight to DVD in most countries, proves that maybe the market for vomit-burps and awkward first dates maybe isn't as big as what we thought. If curiosity gets the better of you, Tom Six's masterpiece is out now.

The Human Centipede 3 went through the censors unscathed, but once upon a time movies where routinely banned, and the Italians where experts at making these video nasties. Zombi Holocaust by Marino Girolami is a sequel to Zombi, but with added cannibals, and Anthropophagus, directed by Joe D'Amato, was prosecuted under the obscene publications act. Maybe it was due to the baby eating scene and the fact they thought it was a real snuff film. Still, if your interested in this fascinating period of film history, make sure you get these classics that have been re-released today.

Rutger Hauer's classic 1992 film Split Second has been put back on release. We see 2008 London (2008!), drenched due to global warming, and Hauer is a cop chasing a slimy beast taking over the city. One of Richee's favourite's make sure you check out this forgotten gem.

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