Friday, 26 June 2015

Trailer roundup: meme edition

It's finally happened. They've turned lol cats into a movie. The Secret Life of Pets is from the Illumination Entertainment, who are clearly riding high on the anticipation for the Minions movie. The trailer suggests that maybe this will be a series of vignettes, literally animating the silly things that pets do which litter your social feed, but instead it seems more like a Toy Story tale told with puppies, as we see what our pets do behind our backs. Due to be released July 8th 2016, watch the trailer here.

Shakespeare's notoriously dark play Macbeth is getting another big screen adaptation, this time from relative new comer Justin Kurzel (whose next project is an Assassins Creed adaptation). With Micheal Fassbender taking on the titular role, and Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth, this looks to be a brooding, intense flick. Released 2nd October in the UK, here's the trailer.

I've learnt to appreciate the humour of Charles M. Schulz's genius strip Peanuts all the more as I've got older, and I've got to say, I will be disappointed if the self-effacing, and sometimes brutal humour directed towards Charlie Brown isn't included in this Blue Sky (Ice Age) film. Still, the 3D animation keeps the integrity of Schulz's simplistic and effective style, and promises to show Charlie go on some kind of "transformative journey". I've some reservations for this film, but I'll keep my mind open for its release on November 6th. The trailer is here.

How incredible that we can see a real Martian sunset, a beautiful reminder of how small we are in the universe, from the robots we have rocketed over to our celestial neighbour. If for no other reason, I want to see Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi triller The Martian purely for its landscapes. Based on Andy Weir's novel, we see Matt Damon presumed dead after a storm on Mars, and left with the prospect that a rescue team may not make it in time to save him. Due to be released October 2nd, watch the trailer here.

Anyone with a passing interest in psychology will know of the Stanford prison experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo in 1971, where volunteer students where divided into being guards and prisoners, and which rapidly dissolved into the guards physically beating the prisoners. Promising to be a glimpse into the barbaric practises that you just can't get away with in experiments, the film is due to be released on 17th July. Watch the trailer here.

Ok, I'm just gonna post the Wikipedia description of this Smosh: The Movie here:

"When Anthony and Ian find a YouTube video of him singing with a microphone, and backfliping, only to find that the microphone has injured him, being stuck up his butt. Anthony realizes that if his crush, Anna, sees it, it's going to remind her how unpopular he was. They race to YouTube headquarters, where they meet Steve YouTube, the president of the company. They find out that they can't remove the video, but they can change it by going inside YouTube virtually, through a portal. Then, they find out they have a limited time before they realize they will be stuck inside forever."

Oh yeah, it's that kind of film people. While I admire their achievements, lets just say I'll be pleasantly surprised if this film is any kind of funny. Released 24th July, watch the trailer here. EDIT: Read Richee's review of Smosh: The Movie here.

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