Monday, 29 June 2015

Richees Lost River Review

So Layla put up her review yesterday so I thought I'd throw in my two cents of Ryan Goslings directorial debut with a quick review.
The film itself was a mess, with style going over substance. The dialogue left a lot to be desired through out, and some more back story would have been nice. But the film did look good at least, with some great shots and interesting, if bizaar, scenes. The actors were good with what they had to work with. I felt Matt Smith was miss cast as the villain Bully, and what Ben Mendlesohn was up to through out this film I have no idea; his character was a strange one, even getting a Only Gods Forgive style karaoke scene thrown in.

I can see why this film got panned, and while it's not a good film, it shows a lot of promise for Goslings future in this field. So the final scene of this film saved it from being completely panned by me, and what Bones does with his under water trophy is awesome. With the film running at a mere ninety minutes it's not long but boy does it drag. Final rating: 4/10. The final scene saved it from a 3 but only just. If your a Gosling fan go check it out, and if your looking for a non-sensical time waster then yeah you can't go wrong. Richee

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