Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Money In The Bank 2015 Review

Here we are again it's only been two weeks since the last pay per view. I kinda miss the time when Raw and SmackDown had separate championships, as you got two Money in the Bank matches. Watched the pre-show but nothing of note happened. R-Truth beat Barrett but that was it. We also got a video tribute for Dusty Rhodes, who passed away at 69.

The first match was the Money in the Bank match. Reigns put on a good show, controlling most the match. Neville also showed a lot of heart, where as Dolph and Orton didn't really do much. They popped up now and again, but didn't bring much to the match, a couple R.K.Os out of nowhere and a zig zag from the top of the ladder on Sheamus was there main spots. Kane was there to make up the numbers and Kofi was there to take the brunt of Reigns attacks, being hit with multiple power bombs, one even being over the top rope onto the other competitors and his New Day brethren. Reigns was a cert for the win until Bray Wyatt attacked him costing him the match, and leaving only Sheamus and Neville to climb the ladder for the brief case. In the end Sheamus got the upper hand and the win.

The match was good but had no real *holy shit* moments. Wyatt turning up was interesting and should lead to a good feud. Neville was entertaining but is capable of so much more, just like Kofi who never got the chance to show us what he can do. Sheamus winning was a bit of a surprise but I have no issues with it.
 The next match was for the Diva's championship with Nikki taking on Paige. This match was solid from both diva's, with Nikki taking up a more cocky approach showing off to the audience. Paige hit some nice moves including a shining wizard and a very nice take down into a submission hold. At the end of the match Brie rolled in to try and get a surprise pin, but it got turned round by Paige, leading to Paige getting the win over the wrong Bella, confusing the referee and distracting Paige who walked right into a fore arm smash, then the rack attack by Nikki who got the pin to retain her title. The ending was infuriating but has the promise of the other diva's getting sick of the Bellas shenanigans and a possible title change in the future.

Intercontinental champion Ryback was defending his title for the first time against the Big Show next, with Miz at the commentators table watching on, up until Ryback attacked him for no reason. The match went back and fourth between the two big men with some impressive moves performed by Ryback who not only used an arm bar but also hit a vertical suplex on the worlds largest athlete. The match ended in a disqualification, as the Miz attacked Big Show after he hit K.O. punch, giving Big Show the win but Ryback retained his title, but he wasn't to happy about it. Good match but more interested in a Miz, Ryback feud, minus Big Show, which should follow.
Owens went up against Cena in a show stealing match, where both men hit their entire arsenal of moves again with the commentators acting surprised at some of the bigger moves, even though we saw it all two weeks ago. This time however Cena got the win after hitting his spring board stunner then a third attitude adjustment for the pin fall. Cena then tried to shake Owens hand, which was silly on his part as Owens has showed no respect to him and Cena showing how gullible he is ended up getting power bombed onto the ring apron, as Owens got the last laugh even if he did lose the match. I was upset Owens lost, as I was hoping they were gonna push him as a new monster heel, but now I can't see Owens getting the win in their next match, making his first win pointless. But wait and see, WWE might surprise us, and at least these two do have great matches.

Tag Team champs the New Day defended there titles against the Prime Time Players. Disappointed and apparently cheated, the New Day weren't happy about Kofi not winning his match earlier on, and Xavier Wood nearly snapped at the audience. Woods and Big E started of the strongest with quick tags isolating Darren Young, Big E was looking impressive but when Young finally made the tag Titus was near unstoppable following on from his impressive showing at the Elimination Chamber. Big E broke up a pin by Titus then hit a spear on Young through the ropes, taking both men out and leading to Titus hitting his finisher for the win, and the winners of the Tag Team Championship. This match was short but entertaining for the time they had. Titus looked good but this match was no where near the high standards of the New Day and Cesaro and Kidd were having.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in a ladder match for the world heavyweight championship was next, with Rollins going at it alone after telling the Authority he doesn't need their help. This seemed like a bad idea at the start with Ambrose in control but a steal chair to Ambrose's leg when he was half way up the ladder put Rollins firmly in charge. This match went into the crowd and up the ramp with Rollins trying to use his speed to get away from Ambrose who managed to just keep up with him stopping him from getting the title. Ambrose got a bit of momentum back dropping Rollins over the top rope onto a ladder and his unorthodox style kept Rollins of his game, up until Rollins hit a running power bomb to the barrier then a second one straight after. Rollins then threw a ladder and chairs on top of Ambrose hoping to give him the time to get up the ladder. But not even that beating kept Ambrose down for long as both men wound up at the top of the ladder with there hands on the title. As the belt come loose both men fell to the ground and on impact Ambrose lost his grip and Rollins was announced the winner to retain his title.

Arguably the best match of the night, both men put theie bodies through some nasty moves. How Ambrose was still able to get up after the two power bombs showed how tough he is. But the architect did it and proved he didn't need the Authority this time round.

The show was good but not great compared to previous Money in the Bank shows. None of the matches were terrible but most left a lot to be desired. A couple of the results annoyed me. I was really hoping Owens would get the win to show his dominance over Cena, and the New Day dropping the titles felt like an anti-climax to their reign. Speaking about Reigns, he had a good showing and Neville has surely pushed himself further up the ladder with how much talent he has. Final thoughts 6/10, above average but didn't do enough to warrant a higher score. Richee

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