Tuesday, 30 June 2015

His and Hers Movie Reviews Vol. 15 up now on 8tracks

This volume of our 8tracks gives us some great soundtracks made specifically for the films. Mad Max: Fury Road's diegetic soundtrack gave the film a truly emersive edge (hey, the guitar man!), as well as the classic western-electronic soundtrack created by Fred Karlin for Westworld. Other higlights in this playlist include The Beatles, part of an energetically retro soundtrack for the Minions film, The Ramones sampling of Freaks in their song "Pinhead", as well as the paleo-themed novelty tune "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was (Was Not) that we stuck at the end of our Jurassic World review.

You can listen to our 8tracks here, and you can also download it for andriod and ios. You can find out more about 8tracks here.

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