Monday, 29 June 2015

DVD Roundup: Presidential edition

Kevin Spacey's and Robin Wright's dark drama House of Cards went a bit awry in it's third season, which sees Frank Underwood become the unelected President of the United States. Not a tight as the first two seasons, the third season slightly meandered, but left you with such a cliff hanger that I can't help but wait eagerly for the next season. If you haven't got Netflix you can now buy the third season from today. Read my review of season three here, and my look at seasons one and two here.

Missed the Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton cage match for the World Heavyweight title? Or how about Roman Reigns vs The Big Show? Er, Nicki Bella vs Naomi? While some of these matches might be old news now, WWE has released this years Extreme Rules on DVD and Blu-Ray so you now can study the techniques of the masters and perform your own moves on your unsuspecting friends. Wait, they're professionals. You're not. Ignore what I just said. Read Richee's review of Extreme Rules here.

Artificial Eye are re-releasing Michael Haneke's remake of his own film from today. Funny Games is a twisted version of the home invasion genre of horror, mainly due to the perturbing technique of breaking the fourth-wall, utilised by the primary murderer. This shot for shot re-shoot by Haneke of his 1997 Austrian original may seem unnecessary, but if that's hard to find, this US remake is a fine substitute, and a must see for any discerning horror fanatic.

We missed this one in its cinematic release, but David Robert Mitchell's It Follows has been garnering a lot of praise, and so goes on my list of 'films I need to watch'. Sounding a bit like Charles Burns Black Hole, the story revolves around Jay (Maika Monroe), who has the eerie feeling of something following her after a sexual encounter. Released today, let us know what you think of It Follows if you've seen it. EDIT: read Richee's review of It Follows here, and Layla's here.

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