Friday, 6 March 2015

Sequels We Don't Need 7: Sharknado 3

It's with great displeasure that I announce Sharknado 3 is happening, with the tag line "oh hell no", with all the previous "actors" renewing there roles, possibly because no one will touch them any more. Surely having Sharknado on your C.V. would be the kiss of death to any potential work. Anyway, I digress, the reason this money spinning shit storm got my notice is because of the fact one of my favourite wrestlers/musicians will be appearing in it. If you haven't guessed yet, it's Chris Jericho, the first undisputed champion, has sunk this low now. I never watched the second film but when looking at the cast I saw that Kurt Angle was in it. Surely being a wrestler doesn't put you in a good seat to become an actor due to the over acting that happens in wrestling. With the exception of Dwayne Johnson, no other wrestler has a made a successful jump from wrestling to acting, so why would you risk a possible movie career by appearing in one of the most boring pointless gimmick films going.

So yeah, I think this series is taking the piss now. The first film was a surprise hit thanks to the Internet hype. But the film itself warranted no attention or hype whats so ever. People jumped on board the bandwagon because it was the done thing, claiming it's so bad it's good. But it's not. If you genuinely like this film, fair enough, we all have different tastes. But you have to think what else could have been funded in place of the two sequels it's produced. I can't comment on the last sequel because I never saw it, but I would be surprised if it is nothing more then a cut and paste of the original.
So SyFy get your act together and make something original, it being the reason the first film produced such hype in the first place. So all you people thinking about #ing and taking to social media about this DON'T. Richee

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