Monday, 23 March 2015

Frank (2014) His Review

So one of the more interesting films of last year sees Michael Fassbender star as Frank, who happens to wear a Frank Sidebottom head while singing in a dysfunctional band of misfits who don't seem to care if they become famous or not. That is until Domhnall Gleeson as Jon joins the band and feels they can become famous. Tweeting their activities and posting clips of the band on You Tube, they become underground hits and get lined up for some shows.

So that's a very rough description of the story. The characters have a whole lot more depth, especially Frank, which feels bizaar knowing that it's Fassbender under that head. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Clara, the more violent member of the band and Franks girlfriend/soul mate who doesn't want to share Frank with the world. So it's a well acted film, the names they got was very impressive.
As much as I want to like this film for being different I just don't think it was that good. I enjoyed the acting but the characters were so strange and out there you just couldn't relate. And the way Jon plows everything into the band and they still just treat him like a fringe player. I felt bad for him - he is a nice guy wanting fame who gets walked over by the others in the group. Not that they mean to they're just so round up into their own thing there not willing to accept anything new.

So I'm going 6/10 it's an above average film thanks to the acting but it's so strange I couldn't get along with it. If you want something different then go check this out, plus the music they play is an interesting mess, but not a bad mess. If you wanna know what Layla thought of Frank go check out her review. Richee

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