Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Boyhood (2014) His review

So hoping you've read Layla's review first I'm gonna get straight into my review. If you haven't read Layla's review go check it out for a more detailed review.

So it's good to see something original coming out, but just cause it's different doesn't make it good. The film intrigued me and I didn't mind it until the I realised all the side stories don't get resolved, it just gets forgotten. The family we follow are really unlikeable, the mother who comes across really selfish and turns every one she gets with into drunk jerks, the annoying mouthy daughter, and then we have the lead character who has no personality, so watching him grow up isn't good viewing, especially in the later years as he mopes around apologising constantly, doesn't make for quality entertainment.
When I got to the two hour mark of this film and realised there was still forty minutes to go, I was left wondering why, why make the film so long when it's just random parts of this guys life? The film would have benefited from being an hour shorter, cause in the end it just feels dragged out. So I thought this was a bad film, not a bad idea as such, but just orchestrated poorly. That's why Boyhood scores a poor 3/10 from me. Not enough happens in Mason's life to keep me entertained. Richee

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