Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Better Call Saul episodes 1-5 Review

So the spin-from Breaking Bad launched on Netflix recently, and I've finally got round to watching the first 5 episodes, to see how one of the most charismatic characters actually came to be. Bob Odenkirk returns as Saul, or Jimmy, along with a few other familiar faces. Spoiler warning: continue at your own discretion.

So the show starts with Saul in his new job at a small bakery type business, looking rather unhappy with his lot in life. When he gets home he looks through his old stuff to find a tape of his old commercials, and that's where the show starts. Saul is going by his real name Jimmy McGill, Looking for a big case to push him into the lime light. In doing this he tries to run a scam on a potential client which doesn't end well and sees Jimmy come face to face with the unhinged Tuco. After managing to talk his way out of the sticky situation, he talks his accomplice's down from a death sentence to a broken leg each, which Tuco enjoys. 

We find out about Jimmy's past and that he has a brother Chuck, who was a defence attorney managing a very successful law firm, and who now has a fear of all things electrical, which means he is on temporary leave from his office. Nacho, one of Tuco's friends, goes to Jimmy to get some information about the people he was trying to scam, as they apparently embezzled over 1.5 million dollars. Jimmy turns down the offer and his guilt gets the better of him, warning the family that they could be in danger. When the family go missing, Nacho gets arrested as he was staking their house out, and knows Jimmy had something to do with it. This leaves Jimmy having to find the family to get Nacho out of jail the same day, or he would pay with his life. After a long search, Mike, who appears earlier on in the series, gives him a lead on what could have happened to them. Upon finding the family with their dirty money, Jimmy not only gets Nacho off but gets a hefty pay day to stay quiet about the money.

 With his earnings he sets up a bill board which imitates his brothers old law firm, who he is currently having differences with, as Jimmy feels the firm are under paying his brother. One thing leads to another and he manages to come out of the situation looking like a hero, getting himself some business finally. Unfortunately, his brother Chuck has a run in with the police and winds up in the hospital, with the doctor wanting to get Chuck psychological help. The fifth episode ends with Mike getting a visit from the police after going to see who could be his daughter.

So, half way through the first season, it's good to see the old characters back in action. Mike will hopefully get some more screen time, and we still have to see what breaks Saul/Jimmy, who seems to want to do right by his brother and not let him down. So plenty still to come at the half way point though. I'd rate Better Call Saul a solid 7/10: it's a good show with plenty to offer, but I feel they're saving the best for the end the show. It's well paced and the highlight so far is Saul talking his way out of the sticky situations, like with Tuco. So those are my thoughts, what do you think? This is the first part of my two part blog, the second part will be out hopefully five weeks time so keep an eye out. Richee

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