Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Trailer Roundup: coming edition

First up we have the sequel to the successful Channing Tatum vehicle Magic Mike, with the suggestively titled Magic Mike XXL. The first film, with all its shaved chested strippers and grinding, was commendable for at least weaving a half decent plot into it. The sequel sees Tatum's Mike go back into dancing after following his dreams of becoming a furniture designer, but one thing is evident, that this trailer at least is displaying a sense of humour. Released July 31st, I imagine this film will ride high off the success of the previous film and all the people left hot under the collar from 50 Shades of Grey. See the trailer here.

Ah, poor Ryan Gosling. His first foray into directing has resulted in Lost River getting the smallest of cinema releases before quickly going to VOD. Starring Chistina Hendricks, Eva Mendes and ex-Doctor Matt Smith, the film looks like a mash up of Nicholas Winding Refn and David Lynch fan videos. Evidence that because you star in films doesn't mean you can direct a film it maybe is, but with my perverse desire to see bad films at the moment, it seems like its worth a watch for curiosity sake at least. Released 24th April, watch the trailer here.

The Voices stars Ryan Reynolds at his comedic best as a nice guy who's cat and dog tells him to murder people. If you've ever not felt uncomfortable for talking to your cat, you certainly will now. With comedic films trying their best to be shit lately, I'm looking forward to The Voices, who's trailer made me laugh out loud. Released 20th March, catch the trailer here.

With Lost River looking like a massive bomb for Ryan Gosling, lets move onto Everly, the latest Selma Hayek film which looks like a terribly camp Kill Bill juiced with every other action film cliche. She's a prostitute, her ex is a mob boss, and now everyone wants to kill her, but lucky for her she's good with guns. No doubt this film will play the sexy girl power card, but watch the trailer and see for yourself. Released 17th April.

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