Friday, 9 January 2015

Zombeavers Review

So after my recent resurgence of B-movie fun I went out on a limb and purchased Zombeavers. I mean how can you fail with Zombies and Beavers rolled into one?

So the story starts with two truck drivers losing a barrel of random gunk which happens to turn anything it hits into "zombies". We then cut to three college girls, Mary, Zoe and Jenn, who are going to a lakeside cabin for a get away, as Jenn's boyfriend cheated on her and they need some "girl time". After some topless swimming, the girls get spooked in the cabin, only to find out Zoe had invited the boyfriends to the cabin, including Jenn's cheating boyfriend Sam. After a night of overly noisy sex, the group swim out to a raft in the water only to be attacked by the Zombeavers. With one of the boyfriends injured, they split up, with one group held up in the cabin and the other group going to try and get help.

So that's synopsis for you good people, and I had some issues with the film which I will break down for you now.

Pros-The first two minutes and last two minutes with Bill Burr.

Cons-The following hour twenty minutes between these scenes.

The film has nothing original in it whats so ever. The Zombeavers look beyond terrible, like they didn't even bother to try, and the characters are all so unlikeable that I was wanting them to die, and with exception to the last death in the film, which is satisfying, all the other deaths are so lame and predictable. All in all, a very bad film which feels like a cash in on the zombie/stupid concept that's been doing so well recently. I'd rate this film a 2/10: it's a very bad film. Before you comment on how the beavers are meant to look terrible because it's a B-movie, most B-movie monsters look cheap but on most occasions look well made and inventive where as these things looked like cuddly toys which they probably are. Richee

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