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Royal Rumble 2015 Results and Review

So the road to WrestleMania begins here with WWE's twenty-eighth annual Royal Rumble. I will be rating each match one by one and then have my final rating at the end, so it's gonna be a mighty long post.

So, to kick off we have the Royal Rumble pre-show, which had The New Day members Kofi Kingston and Big E verses Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. The match had some good spots with Cesaro and Kidd looking good. The New Day really didn't go over well with the crowd, and they already feel like a tired act. A heel turn would probably give them more dimension and freedom. A few sloppy double team moves here and there by both teams, but over all not a bad match, with Kidd getting the pin over Kofi. Was not a bad start to get the night started: 6/10.

The first match of the night saw The New Age Outlaws go up against the up and comers The Ascension. The match did not last long. Billy looked good but The Ascension didn't waste time hitting their finisher and it looked really good. Billy took it like a boss and made the Ascension look impressive, getting a dominant win over a big name team even if they are getting on now: 6/10.

And in case you haven't had enough of tag team matches, the third match is for the tag team title. Its the Usos verses the Miz and Damien Mizdow. One thing that surprised me is how over Mizdow is with the crowd, they love him. I enjoy his antics, but they were eating it up and so was Mizdow, which made it more enjoyable, and you have the Miz who is clearly annoyed that he isn't getting the attention he thinks he deserves. The match was enjoyable, with a few close moments where the titles could have changed hands with Jey Uso (I think), taking two skull crushing finales and still kicking out. The Usos hung in there wearing Miz down, who refused to tag Mizdow in, which was their ultimate down fall with Jimmy Uso (I think) hitting the splash on Miz to pick up the win. The match had one botch with one of the Uso's missing a dive over the top rope, even with that miss though, the match was solid and enjoyable and really brought the fans into it: 7/10.

What's that you still need more tag team action well here it comes. The Bella's take on Paige and Natalya. So this is what everyone expects from the diva's these days. This match was poor, with multiple mishaps, and Paige really annoyed me with the way she didn't know how a tag team match works. The finish was good with Nicki hitting a nice forearm to pin Nattie, but yeah not a good match: 4/10.

Finally after four tag matches we finally get a different type of match. The triple threat match for the world heavyweight championship, which saw champion Brock Lesnar up against John Cena and Seth Rollins. The match started with boos to Cena, then Brock went into suplex mode on both Cena and Rollins, showing how much of a beast he is. J and J security also took a German suplex for their interference. There were some great spots in this match, with Rollins hitting a flying knee from the top rope to both competitors, and Cena going for his "you can't see me" on Rollins, to not see Brock who pops in to German suplex him yet again. After Brock takes the attitude adjustment four times and a curb stomped for good measure he is finally subdued by Rollins hitting an elbow drop from the top rope to the announce table, which looked painful for both men. 

So while Brock is receiving medical attention, Cena and Rollins battle in the ring, with both taking the others finisher and still kicking out. Rollins gets the upper hand thanks in part to J and J security, and takes to the top rope to his a cork screw moonsault on the prone Cena, only to get jumped by a now recovered Lesnar, who throws Cena out the ring and hit the F5 on Rollins for the win. This match was really well done, with great spots and an interesting story. The one issue I have is with John Cena and his finisher, with both men kicking out of it. Maybe it's about time he got himself a good finisher, rather then a standing fireman carry. All in all great match: 8/10

Now it's time for the main event, the 30 man over the top rope royal rumble. I'm gonna list the names of when people entered and when they got eliminated before I go into my thoughts on the Rumble and the show as a whole. I was routing for Wade Barrett with Layla going for the hobo, or Daniel Bryan to me and you.

1. The Miz eliminated 1st by Bubba Ray Dudley
2. R.Truth eliminated 2nd by Bubba Ray Dudley
3. Bubba Ray Dudley eliminated 3rd by Luke Harper
4. Luke Harper eliminated 4th by Bray Wyatt
5. Bray Wyatt eliminated 25th by Big Show and Kane
6. Curtis Axel but got attacked by Erick Rowan, Rowan went out 5th by Bray Wyatt
7. Boogeyman eliminated 6th by Bray Wyatt
8. Sin Cara eliminated 7th by Bray Wyatt
9. Zack Ryder eliminated 8th by Bray Wyatt
10. Daniel Bryan eliminated 12th by Bray Wyatt
11. Fandango eliminated  11th by Rusev
12. Tyson Kidd eliminated 9th by Daniel Bryan
13. Stardust eliminated 16th by Roman Reigns
14. Diamond Dallas Page eliminated 10th by Rusev
15. Rusev eliminated 29th by Roman Reigns
16. Goldust eliminated 15th by Roman Reigns
17. Kofi Kingston eliminated 14th by Rusev 
18. Adam Rose eliminated 13th by Rusev
19. Roman Reigns WINNER
20. Big E eliminated 19th by Rusev
21. Mizdow eliminated 17th by Rusev
22. Jack Swagger eliminated 21st by Big Show
23. Ryback eliminated 20th by Kane and Big Show
24. Kane eliminated 27th by Roman Reigns
25. Dean Ambose eliminated 26th by Kane and Big Show
26. Titus O'Neil eliminated 18th by Ambrose and Reigns
27. Wade Barrett eliminated 22nd by Dolph Ziggler
28. Cesaro eliminated by 23rd by Dolph Ziggler
29. Big show eliminated 28th by Roman Reigns 
30. Dolph Ziggler eliminated 24th by Kane and Big Show

So there you go, where people entered and where they got eliminated. Wyatt, Rusev and Reigns got six eliminations each, with Show and Kane combining to get four, which I don't think should stand as they didn't eliminate them single handed, so Kane should still be on 38, rather then 42 eliminations. The start of the Rumble was good with Bray cleaning house over and over again. I felt Bubba Ray entered too early and felt they should have saved him for after Bryan got eliminated, to take the crowds mind of Bryan being eliminated so early. Bryan going out 12th was shocking, which is good, it's what makes the Rumble good. Any one can go out just like that. Kofi's usual antics were a bit disappointing, as he got carried by the Rosebuds when thrown over, then went out shortly after that. Adam Rose got eliminated instantly and was pointless having him in it, same as Titus O'Neil who botched getting thrown out so he didn't get thrown out as quickly as Santino. Mizdow didn't last long but again he entertained with what he did and getting told of by Miz after he got eliminated was good.

Now on to the finish. Kane and Big Show eliminating people like Dolph, Bray and Ambrose the way did was really annoying, and so predictable when Ambrose went out that Reigns was gonna win. The way it happened was so lazy. Kane tries to get rid of Big Show as their trying to eliminate Reigns, which leads to them locking up and leaning against the ropes ready to be thrown out. It was infuriating that these two worked together only until it was convenient. Keep in mind at TLC Kane was there to help Orton win, so why did he intend to win this when he could give it to Show? Then once they're eliminated, they get back in to beat down Reigns for Rock to save the day, then once that's done with, to have Rusev get chucked out so easily was infuriating. At least give us a glimmer of hope that you weren't going to go the obvious route, but no. 

I have no problem with Reigns winning, just the way he won. Then with the Rock being his mouth piece after the Rumble, and coming off as a complete tool making Reigns in turn look useless, reciting family first over and over with the Rock telling the interviewer he's gonna get fired. Climb down of your high horse you jerk.

So the Rumble started well and finished poorly I was extremely disappointed and actually pissed off that they would end like this, especially after the poor finish last year when Reigns deserved to win it. Final score for the rumble: 5/10 

The show as a whole was a let down by the end. I had enjoyed it up to that point, as had most other people I imagine. Even though there was no defence for the US title or the Intercontinental title, making both seem pointless, especially with the amount Barrett is losing at the moment. 

We were there for the Rumble, and when the fans realised what was happening at the end they let there frustration show. And after the event finished #CancelWWENetwork was trending, because people aren't getting what they want. I have no interest in WrestleMania now, and will more then likely cancel my subscription too. It would not surprise me if they shoe horn some one else in the main event at WrestleMania to make the match more interesting but they played that card last year so I don't think they can do it again. Final score for the event is 5/10. It was meh in the end. One brilliant match couldn't make up for the disappointment that was to come and the fact there was no Sheamus or Orton at the Rumble was a bit odd. Plus the fact they took Los Matadors out of the rumble and even released Justin Gabriel prior to the match when he can do some amazing things. 

End of the day the Rumble is getting boring and predictable nowadays and no one wants that from WWE. They need to sort themselves out and they need to do it soon. These are just my opinions though let me know what you think. Richee

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