Friday, 16 January 2015

Midgets Vs. Mascots DVD Review

So on a trip to our local HMV, me and the Layla stumbled across what could be one of the most offensive films ever made in the bargain bin, Midgets Vs. Mascots, made in 2009 and being the last film to feature the late Gary Coleman. The film pits the little people up against a group of slightly crazy mascots competing for a millions dollars each in bizarre stunts.

The film starts with a brief description of former mascot and little person porn star Big Red Bush and whats happening with his fortune now he has passed away. His cheating wife and douche bag son are after all the inheritance money for themselves, but they find out that the money will only go to the winner of this competition piting them against each other. After choosing a team each, they head out on to the road for the month long tournament. Their every move is recorded to document the event and the madness that ensues.

That's basically the whole story in a nut shell. What ensues is a Jackass style film with a lot more offensive dialogue, featuring a racist scene in a diner and milk drinking competition with some one who's lactose intolerant, and a whole bunch of a semi naked ladies. This film is extremely shameless, but it still made me chuckle in places, which made me doubt myself as a decent human being. All in all, the film does what it intends to do and that is to offend. I can see why people would hate on this film, but I'm not one of them it's not a good film but it's passable for what it is. Final rating would be a 4/10. A below average comedy which doesn't come close to being as good as Jackass and their skits, but is watchable if you just want to watch a stupid film with some silly drinking scenes and stupid stunts with a boob flash here or there, you can't go much wrong with this. Richee

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