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I should know better than to talk about awards again after my last two rambles here. "The Grand Budapest Hotel" gets nominated for eleven BAFTAs, making a mockery of my observation that films released only around now would be nominated, which was doubly condemned when it received nine Academy Award nominations too - I could say that the other film to receive the same number, "Birdman," may do better because it is the more seriously-mided, and more recent, film by comparison, but I don't feel it is worth going there again until after Sunday 22nd February, so I'll talk about something taking place on the previous evening.

The 35th Golden Raspberry Awards will have a new category that recognises the changes in fortune that happen in Hollywood, now that the Razzies are now established enough to stick in people's minds. It will remain to be seen, however, if the nominees will turn up to accept the award, like Halle Berry and Paul Verhoeven did. From Wikipedia, the nominees are:

Ben Affleck (from Razzie winner for Gigli to Oscar Darling for Argo and Gone Girl)
Jennifer Aniston (from 4 time Razzie nominee to SAG Award nominee for Cake)
Mike Myers (from Razzie winner for The Love Guru to documentary director of Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon)
Keanu Reeves (from 6 time Razzie nominee to critically acclaimed John Wick)
Kristen Stewart (from Razzie winner for The Twilight Saga to the Art House Hit Camp X-Ray)

Whether the Razzie Redeemer Award is an act of contrition, to keep itself on the right side of those potentially on the end of their ridicule, I don't know, but it depends how you would prefer your work to be considered - either against all your competitors by a large invitation-only academy, or by a group that only requires a forty dollar membership to rail against the most obvious targets, of films and celebrities. 

The Razzies may just be a bit of fun and, perhaps deliberately, more subjective in its intention and set-up than the Oscars, but I don't think some people, or their agents, see it that way sometimes. And that it where I take leave of awards, even if I can pay $25 to attend the Razzies ceremony next month...

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