Friday, 2 January 2015

Layla's best and worst films on the blog for 2014

So Layla got the chance to review some films for the blog that weren't recorded for a podcast. The following list is all the films that were released in 2014, from worst to best. Enjoy!


As Disney continue to decimate their back catalogue (I am dreading the Dumbo remake), Maleficient marked their their further demise into a twisted kind of girl-power, with story resembling nothing like the original Sleeping Beauty. And to think it would never be made if Angelina Jolie didn't want to star at the horned fairy. That's how much Disney cared about this film, people. Still, my niece and nephew liked it. Read my full review of it here.


A highly commended effort from Richard Ayoade in his adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Double. Jesse Eisenberg plays both the awkward Simon and cocksure James with much conviction, and the both the films set and sound design are impeccable. The script couldn't live up to the engrossing look of the film, but I will be looking forward eagerly to Ayoade's next film. Read the full review here.


Lars von Trier returns in his third installment of his Depression Trilogy. Somewhat suprisingly, Nymphomaniac is the funniest of the lot, this time laughing on the side of the audience, as opposed to some of his films where it feels like he's laughing at you. Probably one of he least sexiest films about sex you'll ever, but don't let that stop you watching it. Read my review of both parts here.


Admittedly, neither me nor Richee where much infused for what seemed like a cash grab for the 83 year old building blocks, but what we got was a funny and thoughtful mediation on what it is to play. And its got a Lego Batman in it. Brilliant and heartwarming, truly one for young and old. Read mine and Richee's review of the film here.


Who would of thought that a crowd booing at you could be the most uplifting sound you could hear. We Are The Best! was a truly inspired movie, bringing in ideas from punk to feminism, and ending with self-acceptance and the ability to piss people off. Read my full review here.


One of my absolute favourite films of the year, Under the Skin shows us what is like to be female, what it is like to be human, and what it is like to be alien. Scarlett Johannson is an inspired casting choice as the alien, as well as Jonathan Glazer's mixture of highly stylised shots mixed in with hidden camera's. While a little obtuse in places, Under the Skin stayed with me a long time afterwards. Read my full review here.

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