Wednesday, 7 January 2015

His and Hers Movie Reviews Vol. 12

We are now up to our twelfth volume of the playlists we make of the songs we put at the end of our podcasts, and as usual, this sonic compendium is as diverse as ever. We have rap, classical, rock, and a healthy dose of comedic songs too. My favourites on this list are the Beastie Boys, whose song "Intergalactic" we used for our Interstellar review, the calming minimalism of Philip Glass, and hearing Rik Mayall sing "I'm Evil" just brings home the sadness of his untimely death. Plus, it includes the lyrics "You'd better watch out, I'm an angry young man/I once showed my willy to Princess Ann!" Bloody hell!

Let us know which song you like the most in the comments below, or contact us on twitter at @richeeandlayla. Why not play the list at your next Zombies!!! night and see if your mates can guess which film the songs are form.Wrong answer loses a zombie.

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