Monday, 5 January 2015

DVD Roundup: Man Crush edition

First off, sorry for the delay in DVD updates. As you may of seen, we are transferring our podcast provider, so we are trying to sort that our as quick as we can.

First off we have Richee's man crush of the year, Dan Stevens, appearing in the brilliant The Guest. Winner of our Glad It Happened award in our recent End of Year Award Show, The Guest was an unsuspecting film that came out of nowhere. A bit like Terminator, a bit like John Carpenter's Halloween, The Guest perfectly reinvents the indestructable psycho killer, and Stevens is perfectly cast as the friendly but mysterious guest. If you didn't get a chance to see it in cinema's, I would definately recommend you get it on DVD now.

Ah, Robert Rodriguez' sequels at the moment aren't his best. This sequel to the popular first film is but a shadow of its former glory. The edition of new stories written by the original comic book creator Frank Miller seem to be included only maximise on popular characters and new high profile actors. By far though the best actress in this film is the much underused Eva Green as Ava Lord.

There was quite a lot of hate around for Luc Besson's Lucy when it first came out which I felt was unjust. Yes, the whole humans-only-using-10%-of-their-brains thing is incorrect, and the trailer made it look a lot more action based then what it actually was, but I believe it was quite an original take on what would happen if human's didn't have any limits. Remember, its a French film, they like to stick a little philosophy into their films.

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