Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bad Milo DVD Review

Finally I got round to watching Bad Milo over a year since it was released, and over a year since I did my blog about the trailer, so finally here is my review:

It's alright.

OK, let me explain, starting with a brief description of the story. It is a silly premise about a demon who lives in Duncan's (Ken Marino) intestines. Duncan thinks his stomach pains are due to stress at work and at home, but soon finds out how wrong he is, when people who annoy him start getting murdered. He seeks help with psychiatrist Highsmith, played by the brilliant Peter Stormare, who helps him connect with Milo and tells them they are linked together, and Duncan would be a lifeless shell if Milo dies. Highsmith believes that Duncan's father may be the connection to fix his stress issues before Milo kills again.

So pros- Milo looks awesome and is a great little character. All the actors are good and do their job well. Despite the fact it's a story about a butt demon, the toilet humour is kept to a minimum, plus the story is original and something different.

Now the con's- The story is predictable and offers nothing surprising. It's just not that funny.

Even though I have been waiting to see this film for a while, I wasn't really expecting to much from it. It's not a bad B-movie, it's just nothing special. The connection between Duncan and Milo is fun and weirdly heart warming, and Stormare is as good as ever. But as I said it's only alright, so scores a 5/10: an average B-movie which will hopefully show that demons can be so many different things and hopefully bring some more movies like this, Basket Case and even the Ghoulies back to the main stage.

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