Friday, 19 December 2014

We Are The Best! review

Punk will always be an important and inspiring subculture, and no matter how many times it is ruined by fashion, politics and business, the enabling ideas of DIY and questioning authority will always be relevant. On a smaller scale, Luka Moodysson's We Are The Best!, based on his wife's, Coco Moodysson, comic Never Goodnight, (drawn itself in the underground comic aesthetic) tells the tale of Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) and Klara (Mira Grosin), two teenage punks with spiky hair and baggy jumpers, who love Ebba Grön and showing up adults.

While their lives are by no means tragic, they are filled with the worries that can engulf you at that age. Bobo's mother is busy trying to find the perfect man, Klara's parents are maybe too liberal, they get picked on at school ("You'd be pretty if you didn't have short hair"), and they get maligned at the local youth club, when and older group of boys band disrupts their activities. This even actually spurs them on to create their own band, where they book up a bunch of studio space to piss off the boys.

They soon realise thought that they are gonna need someone who has a little musical talent to join their group, and they find it in Hedvig (Liv LeMoyne), the classical guitar playing and God-fearing girl in their class. After terrifying her with Klara's anti-religious sentiment, Hedwig is endeared to the group with a ceremonious mohawk being cut into her hair.

They boss around, gate-crashing Klara's 16 year old brothers party, meeting up with other young punks that Bobo and Klara end up fighting over, and, in my favourite scene, showing up the patronising adults of the youth centre when Hedvig shreds the guitar in front of them. They are young girls, embracing their freedom, experimenting, learning how to express themselves, in a world that expects nothing of them.

While the ending may not be the traditional happy ending, I felt truly elated for them as they shout "We are the best! We are the best!", much to the embarrassment of the boys on the bus. This film reminded me of what it was like to be a teenage with dreams bigger than my abilities, and how revolutionary the idea of do-it-yourself was to me. The three young actresses are excellent in their parts, and their relationships with each other seem truly authentic.

This film was a joy to watch, and I would recommend it along side Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains as a primer on young female punk empowerment. I've not seen a film in a while that made me feel as happy as this one did. Go watch this as soon as you can: 8/10.

Sometimes being booed is the best praise you can get.


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