Monday, 15 December 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

So following the let down that was Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age Inquisition could not afford to put a foot wrong, with all the bastard critics (me included) ready to throw a fit if it didn't live up to the original game.

So allowing you to choose from four races, this time with the Qunari included, with some good customisation options you can make the character your own. You also choose which class you want to play as with five choices to choose from, with the warrior and rogue class being split up weapon wise, but you can still switch to the other choice if your not enjoying the class you chose.

The story starts with you being the sole survivor of a meeting between the chantry and the mages, with something causing a rift in the sky that demons are emerging from and leaving you the only one with the power to close the rift. While trying to figure out what truly happened at the meeting, as you are suffering from amnesia of that moment, Cassandra invokes some old rules in the chantry to bring back the Inquisition to find out what's going on, leaving you to recruit a team of bad asses, but also needing to recruit other members to help with other issues around your base. You also get a war table allowing you to uncover minerals, herbs or leathers for upgrades, or needing certain members to unlock side quests for your party. Your companions are all interesting characters with an interesting back story. Varric makes a return from the second game along with Hawke in one segment of the game. As a whole the story is well told and the world to explore is massive with plenty to do. I tried to do everything first time through and racked up eighty hours of game play; compare that to my last two reviews for Destiny and Advanced Warfare which offered about ten hours of story combined. Bioware have made an epic journey for us to enjoy.

Right, I need to get moan about something, and if there is any thing to moan about it's the graphics. While not terrible by any means, they are a bit behind some of the more recent triple A games that have been released recently. Also, in certain parts of the ,you get to sit in your thrown and judge people issuing punishments to them. This is brilliant, but I wanted more people to judge, dammit! And while I'm having a moan I will complain about the fact I didn't get the trophy for killing the ten high dragons in the game, meaning I will have to do it on hard now, with out my completely over powered knight enchanter.

The multiplayer is a nice little extra. People can moan about the in game purchases for multiplayer, but you don't need to spend anything to enjoy it. Not brilliant but a nice little extra. So final verdict this game is great, with so much to do and see Bioware have brought Dragon Age back on tracks and I found it hard to put down, even now I'm enjoying the game playing through again and playing the multiplayer. This game gets a massive 9/10: it's a must have for any RPG fans so forgive the mistake that was Dragon Age 2 and go pick up Inquisition, go on off you go. Richee

Also if you have Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4 and want someone to play multiplayer with drop me a line on the Twitter's @richeeandlayla.

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