Thursday, 6 November 2014

The day the Pokemon died

When I first thought about doing a post on the Pokemon anime series I thought I'd talk about the first few seasons and how good they are, but everyone knows the original anime is a great series and it doesn't need me to add my praise on top of that. Instead I thought I'd focus on when Pokemon went wrong, as far as I knew. I stopped watching it after season 3 so it probably started going down hill from there, but I don't know.

After watching the original two seasons on Netflix I needed to carry on feeding my Pokemon itch, finding Pokemon Black and White I thought Ash should be dominating the world by now. Instead what we got was an Ash who had some how forgotten everything he had learnt in Johto and from his other adventures, needing his new companions (who are painfully annoying) to spell everything out for him. The type advantages Pokemon had in previous seasons are mentioned but seem often ignored as Ash would choose a weaker type in Pokemon battles and still end up winning which makes having the types rather pointless. This season wouldn't be so bad if they just brought in a new character. Why keep Ash in the series if you want to explain type advantages and other things but saying that as they ignore the types, it would still be irritating. The whole thing feels like a cash grab re-hash with little care put in to it and nothing original coming from it. The new Pokemon are awful compared to the originals and the characters are just so unlikeable, including Ash who's just comes across as a incompetent jerk. 

This series lacks any thing redeeming to it and should have never been created, and they should leave Ash's character to grow up and introduce a new main character to start a new journey. Final rating for Pokemon Black and White is a 2/10: it is terrible with characters and Pokemon being uninteresting and annoying with no originality or thought going in to it. Richee.

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