Monday, 17 November 2014

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Review

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth recently came out on the Ps4 and is free this month on PS Plus, a reboot of the original PC indie game. Designed by Edmund Mcmillen, the game play is a simplistic blend of move and shoot dungeon crawler. Where the game stands out is with it's beautiful graphics and brilliant if daring story line.
So on to the story: displayed in a comic format, which sets the tone perfectly, it starts with Isaac playing with his toys, his mum/mom knitting until her Lord tells her Isaac is a sinner and needs to be dealt with. This leads to Isaac having his toys taken away from him, this happens a couple more times until the Lord demands he is sacrifice. Isaac see's his mother approaching his room with a kitchen knife, so he flees to the only place he can: the basement. You then have the task of going through 5 random dungeons, using your tears as your only weapon while collecting interesting power ups and companions on the way to the final fight with your mother.
The game is simple pick up and play. All the items are interesting and have there own seperate advantages and disadvantages some of the items don't actually really help you out at all, like most the pills you can use, some have a penalty to their use which can really bite you in the butt. Your basic items are bombs to help clear the way for certain items or find secret rooms, then there's keys to get through certain doors and gold chests which usually contain useful power up items. There is all so plenty of extra content in challenges and secret characters from the Bible to unlock with there own stats and powers, with the like's of Eve from Adam and Eve, Cain the first murderer, Judas who betrayed Jesus and a few others.
So final score for the Binding of Isaac Rebirth on the Ps4 is 7/10: it's a good game to play, simplistic yet fun and I really enjoyed the whole religious back ground and how dark they made it. This would be offensive to some religious folks out there, but I just enjoyed it for what it is. The character designs are well done and wonderfully twisted, as it is free at the moment on Ps4, it's a must have. Richee

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