Thursday, 20 November 2014

SPACE DANDY "a dandy guy in space"

Again, like many things I watch at the moment, I found this on the Netflix. And how do you not check out an anime called Space Dandy. From the first episode, I was hooked on this Johnny Bravo-esque anime. His adventures as an alien hunter of sorts, with his trusty robot friend QT and an alien cat, who Dandy calls Meow (who he can't get any money for). Dandy tries to scratch enough money together to visit his favourite breastaurant Boobies (think Hooters with less food and more boobs), leading to many exciting if silly adventures.

So each episode gets it's own story and nothing really carries over from the previous episodes, leading to the ability to blow up the universe, have every character turn into zombies, and many other bizarre things. The main plot is that Dandy tracks down elusive alien life forms; the rarer the catch, the more money it brings in. This obviously leads to some very strange encounters, including a booby monster. Dandy himself is a care free guy, happy to chill out on his space ship the Aloha Oe, while picking up hot chicks and visiting Boobies, when ever possible. QT is his robot sidekick who helps keep maintain the Aloha Oe while keeping it clean as possible. QT is also a very caring soul with multiple emotions and feelings. Meow manages to stick around with Dandy by promising him he knows where to find rare aliens and often goes out scouting with Dandy, as Dandy doesn't really trust him. Also, unaware by Dandy, he is being hunted down by the Gogol empire who believe him to be the future of the universe. Dr. Gel is charged with capturing Dandy, chasing around space in a space ship that resembles the Statue of Liberty but with a gimp ball in her mouth.

I loved watching Space Dandy. It's all so wacky, and you never know what could happen next. With only thirteen episodes in season 1, I can't wait for season 2 to come out. Some episodes are better then others, but all have an interesting plot. The characters, if a bit dense and sleazy, are very likeable. I'd rate Space Dandy an awesome 8/10: the show is very well made and is something original, and keeps away from the norm, which is rarely the case for most anime so check it out. Richee

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