Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DVD Round-Up: smug dragon edition (sequels, sequels and more sequels)

After Shrek had become a tired shadow of himself, Dreamworks came out with the joyful How To Train Your Dragon. This summer saw the release of its imaginatively titled sequel How To Train Your Dragon 2. Equally joyful, this film sees an older Hiccup and Toothless, as they come to terms with the fragility of their co-dependence, and the fate of their home. With stunning animation and a story that is at once funny, emotional and wondrous, I definitely recommend this film for both adults and children alike. Also, does anyone know where I can get a Toothless of my own? Thanks.

How many times do you get a comedy sequel that's funnier than the first? 22 Jump Street is just that. The jokes are spot on, and the most successful ones are the ones where they take the mick out of the idea of sequels. The end credit sequence is maybe worth buying the film alone for.

This film has a cruel joke of a title, as I spent most of Transformers: Age of Extinction wondering when is this film franchise going to go extinct. With Mark Walburg taking over the helm from Shia la Beouf, Micheal Bay manages to make another boring hateful film. I have no good words to say about this film, apart from if you study computer animation it may be worth a glimpse. Avoid if you want to keep your love of cinema.

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