Monday, 24 November 2014

DVD Round-Up: angry monkey edition

I was dubious to the idea that the awesome original Planet of the Apes needed a prequel, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a mediocre start to the rebooted franchise. However, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was an exceptionally well made and even emotional follow up, let down only by the robotic human actors (the irony!). With Andy Serkis leading the cast as rebel chimpanzee Ceaser, this is one monkey film you won't want to miss.

Poster by Kenji Lloyd

Probably one of this years biggest and most anticipated releases, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy allowed everyone to start afresh on a new piece of geekdom, as virtually no one had read the original comic. Luckily, however, this allowed the filmmakers to make Guardians much more distinct to the likes of Avengers, with no real expectations (well, apart from profit forcasts) to live up too. With excellent music, a walking tree and a violent racoon, this is a film guareented to be enjoyed by many.

If you haven't seen Frozen yet, have a gold star from His and Hers for not giving in the pressure. If you haven't heard one of the wildly popular and hugely irritating songs from Frozen, where are you hiding out, and can I hang there too? If you don't already know the lyrics to the likes of Let it Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, Disney have brought it upon themselves to re-release the film with sing-a-long captions. If you don't want to fork out money for the same film again, can we suggest turning on the subtitles of your old copy of the film? And if you have kids, maybe its time to soundproof their bedrooms.

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