Monday, 10 November 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review

So another year another Call of Duty, this time with Kevin Spacey as the face of the game. It's been a while since I've picked up a game in this series, with Black Ops back in 2010 being the last time I played. Not that I didn't enjoy the game, it's just that I felt the games didn't really do anything new, so I just kind of ignored them for the last few years. But this game made it's self stand out more then the last title did (Ghost) and made it very hard to ignore.

So starting with the story; it's 2054 you take control of Jack Mitchell on a mission with the U.S marines in Seoul with your squad mate Will Irons. One thing leads to another and Will loses his life in the conflict and Jack loses his left arm, only surviving thanks to Sergeant Cormack who drags you to safety. At Will's funeral you meet his father, and CEO of Atlas, Jonathon Irons, who offers you a place at Atlas as a private military contractor with lots high tech equipment and the ability to give you an advanced prosthetic arm. So things seem to be going well until you come up against terrorist group calling itself the KVA, led by a technophobic man called Joseph "Hades" Chkheidze. While Atlas try to take out the KVA, they sabotages multiple nuclear power stations around the world, irradiating numerous cities, killing thousands of people, and putting national governments and militaries in turmoil. Atlas emerges as the dominant military force in the world. I shall leave the story line there because I don't want to spoil anything. The story as a whole is quite short, but it has lots to offer in collectibles and is really fun with a great plot and twists. Strong voice acting all round not just from Kevin Spacey but with the likes of the brilliant Troy Baker as Mitchell and Gideon Emery as Gideon.

Now on to what matters though - the online multiplayer game. All the classics are here along with a few new game modes (as far as I know). I have always enjoyed Ground War, allowing 9 vs 9 battles in team death match, kill confirmed and domination, which is my favourite game mode to play in. Infection is a bonus game, which is a lot of fun to play either side, but I have yet to survive in a game yet though. Uplink is another game mode which is new to me where you have to carry a ball to your goal, the ball being a satellite drone. You can't shoot while holding the ball but can beat people down which is all ways fun. Customisation for your character is a bit sparse, but you can collect items like glasses, mask, hats etc. to have him stand out in the crowd. Again you can upgrade your weapons with different attachments and make a funny emblem to display on your gun. The whole game though feels like the same old Call of Duty with better graphics, which is not a bad thing as the game is really fun to play and having my COD break, I'm really enjoying it again.

There is also a 4 player survival game against exo-suits which I haven't really played that much, but it seems like a solid game mode and a nice challenge. So over all I would have to rate Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a very good 8/10 - better graphics and a few added extras like the exo-suit abilitoes make this a game to own on the PS4 or Xbox One, as on the older consoles and PC it's just been ported so doesn't play as smoothly so I've heard. Richee

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