Friday, 17 October 2014

Survivng Zombies with Richee

So Halloween isn't too far away now, and I like to think I'm pretty up together with my plan for surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse. So I thought I'd share some pearls of wisdom with you guys and give you that extra chance to survive.

Being ready is a big up; just having basic supplies ready is a must. Having a bag ready with some bottled water, canned food, and first aid supplies are essential. Having an army knife or multi tool would be handy. Also having something to defend yourself is again recommended, but only if necessary; avoiding danger is the wiser choice but when backed into a corner you need to be ready. The ideal weapon is something blunt i.e. a shovel, baseball/cricket bat or a mace if available, as sharp weapons like swords or knifes can get stuck when plunged into a rotten zombie. A ranged weapon would be useful but not necessary. A crossbow would be the best choice for range as it's quite silent and you can recover the arrows you've used.

Laying low for the first week would be advised, as that's when all the panic and looting will take place, and when the zombie groups will be more bulky. The people who have been bitten will also be looting and could turn at any second. During this time you can decide on what to do first, where to go, who to take, where to get supplies from. Also why your planning, learning some basic survival skills and how to grow crops for the future as canned food will only last so long.

So when you got your group ready your need to make sure everyone has a function. Find somewhere secure to make a strong base a garden area for growing fresh food. If you can find somewhere away from built up areas. as that would be best, even though the zombies should be pretty scattered by now and hope fully easy to deal with. Also be prepared to defend your team and inventory from other desperate survivors; people can't be trusted but until you know you can trust someone, don't trust them. 

Hopefully this will help with your planning and when the time comes hopefully you'll be ready to survive and maintain the human race. For a greater chance of survival go buy Max Brooks zombie survival guide. Richee