Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Well the Marvel movie schedule has come up and my goodness there is a lot to be excited about, so I will be going over a select few which I am very excited about.

First up: Captain America Civil War. I thought this would be more of an Avengers film rather then a single character film, but with Robert Downey Jr confirmed it's gonna be interesting to see how this plays, and who sides with who. I imagine it will probably carry over from the Avengers Age of Ultron, so expect some catastrophe to happen at the end of the Avengers film to carry over to the Civil War, which is due out in May 2016.

Second: The Inhumans, or just Inhumans, will be an interesting take on characters often used in the Fantastic Four story line then any other Marvel characters. Having their own comic now, they have a strong lead character in Blackbolt, one of the strongest superhero's there is. He is king of his people, the Inhumans, who reside on the moon. I'm hoping this will increase the comic prices as I own The Inhumans number 1.

Third: Doctor Strange. Now we know Benedict Cumberbach will star as the sorcerer supreme in the self titled film out in November 2016. This will introduce the mystic arts into the Marvel Universe, and will be more of a origin story then anything else. I'm sure there will be a demon or two to fight along the way, and the dreaded Dormammu may make an appearance, but will be saved for the sequel I imagine.

There was another nine films announced which includes a Avengers double bill about the Infinity stones, a Black Panther and Captain Marvel film will also be out in 2017 and Thor will also be getting a sequel. With all this and the Ant-Man film, the future looks bright for Marvel. Richee

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