Thursday, 2 October 2014

Silent Hills P.T Review

It's horror month, so I finally got around to playing this playable teaser to Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro re-invention of the Silent Hill franchise. At the end of the demo it states that it has nothing to do with the upcoming release, but it shows that they know how to freak you out.

The demo starts with your character waking up in a darkened room. You move forward opening the door to a hallway. As you walk along you hear what turns out to be a radio explaining a gruesome murder, where the husband murdered his pregnant wife and six year old child. You go through the door ahead of you, which leads down some stairs and through another door, which opens to the hall way you started at. This time the the radio is static and you can hear a crying child. As you go through the door, you start again and something else is different. The game repeats the process but throws in some really twisted things as you progress that makes your skin crawl and there's a few scares in there too.

So this teaser is quite simplistic, but the atmosphere in it works so well. The whole creepy vibe is great, the sound effects really add to the suspense making every step you take cautious ones. The controls are also simple, only needing the sticks to move and a couple of buttons pushes to allow you to carry on. I completed this on my first play through in just under an hour streaming on Ustream, and I need to mention that I never would have completed it with out the help from the viewers who helped me through the more trickier parts, so if anyone who helped are reading this, thanks.

Giving this teaser a score I'd have to go for a 7/10. It's good, it's simplistic, but very eerie and the perfect set up for the upcoming game starring Norman Reedus, so the teaser does what it needed to do getting everyone excited for Silent Hills. 

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