Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Frankenweenie review

Tim Burton must be having the last laugh. After being fired by Disney for the original, live-action Frankenweenie upseting children in test-sceenings, Disney now allow him to make a full length, if animated version of his film for general release. Stylistic in black and white, the film is a loving homage to the original Frankenstein story, as well as many other references, such as Dracula (as a vampire-bat-cat) and even Godzilla (a 50ft tortoise named Shelley, anyone). With the characters designed to look like the Burton's idiosyncratic creations from his The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, Frankenweenie sits proudly along with his other child-friendly gothic-horror films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. Though not as brilliant as the aforementioned films, it contains just the right amount of humour and (mild) horror to satisfy both children and adults. My favourite aspect of the film, however, is its homage to the glorious Universal films, as well as the ingenuity of young Victor Frankenstein's own filmmaking, with Sparky the dog as its star actor. If anything, I hope this film inspires the young to look up the old film, and get interested in the process of filmmaking too. 7/10


This Disney film see's Tim Burton back on form finally. The film is a homage to all the great horror movies with nice nods to most of the most popular. Even though it is a child friendly nod at the Frankenstein story, told in the present day, it is still a solid and very watchable film. The actors are solid with Martin Landau stealing the show as the science teacher Mr Rzykruski. The black and white look is another great aspect of the film making it feel like a 60s classic Of course a monster movie is only as good as it's monsters, starting with Sparky the Frankenweenie in question as a cute if dopey house dog, who struggles to keep himself together. The rest of the monsters they bring in are great too with the Layla mentioning most of them yet missing out the best ones, the sea monkeys taking on a very mischievious gremlin demeanour. I've been wanting to watch this film for a while and thanks to Netflix I finally got round to it. My final rating is a solid 7/10 and if I would have watched this as a child, it would probaly be a nine so check it, out. Richee

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