Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Easy Alternative Halloween Costume's

It's that time of the year when we can indulge our demonic fantasies and dress up as social pariahs. If you happen to get some last minute invites to a party and your stuck for a look, how about trying one of the iconic looks from cinema listed below. Don't forget to bring a bottle (of blood).

Cesere from The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Short on time for a costume? How about dressing as the infamous somnambulist Cesere from the iconic 1920 German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. All you'll need is black leggings, a black turtle neck and lots of dramatic black kohl to create your demonic looking clown eyes. Make sure to incorporate lots of exaggerated creeping movements, and if the party does get boring, don't be afraid to fall asleep - Cesere is a sleepwalker.

Edward Cullen from Twilight

In one of the biggest twists in vampire lore came in Twilight; for some inexplicable reason, vampires now sparkle like glitter whenever they're in sunlight. Whatever the reason, sparkly-vampire-boy is an easy costume for your Halloween party. Put your hair in some kind of messy, One Direction style quiff, pencil your eyebrows in nice and thick, unbutton a shirt down to your navel and chuck on a pea-coat. For the glitter, smother glue all over your body and chuck a pot of your little sisters silver glitter all over your face. Don't forget to grimace like your mothers just walked in the peak of your date with Pamela Handerson.

Mother from Psycho

It may be common place for people to dress up as Norman Bates in his mothers dress, with a large plastic knife, for Halloween, but has anyone tried dressing up as the mother herself? The clothes are pretty easy; knackered day dress, woollen shawl, hair in a low bun, but the trick is the make up. If you have some time, paint a grey-scale, skin shrunken the skull face to your own face (I imagine white and black eyeliner will be your best friends in this look). Take extra care in portraying the giant teeth and hollowed out eyes (extra points if you've got black contact lenses). The best thing about this costume is that you can just sit in a chair all night harshly judging people, just like Norman's dear old mother.

Marv from Sin City

Marv is a man that cares about his look, and we all know he loves a good jacket. Luckily for us, it's pretty easy to emulate. Maybe don't moisturise for a few weeks before your party, so you can create that knackered looking tough guy look. White vest, and long black jacket. The defining feature? Lots and lots and lots of white plasters. Everywhere.

David Collins from The Guest

For the truly lazy, Dan Stevens David is a brilliantly creepy bad guy to emulate. Just turn up in your usual clothes, and if you have one, an army rucksack. The trick is the furrowed brows, the knowing scowl, and the menacing intensity. Helps if you have bright blue eyes and are pretty buff. More points if you just turn up wearing a towel.

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