Monday, 13 October 2014

Destiny Review

Well, bit behind on this one, didn't really want to review the game until I had completed everything, but as it seems like my clan has disbanded I am unable to finish the raid.

Now where do I begin? This game honestly was a massive disappointment to me after enjoying the beta so much. To play the full game, I felt robbed. The game itself is enjoyable, and I felt like a boss running around with my hand cannon shooting baddies in the face, and playing with two other friends makes it more tolerable grinding out the same mission over and over again. But that's the problem; the lack of content here is insulting. I think you get just over twenty missions, then about eight strikes on top of that if you have PS Plus on PS4. The maps are beautiful but are small in scale compared to most sandbox games, and with only one location on four planets to explore they soon get really dull and tedious. After I finished the game's story, which took me about ten hours with the strikes, take them out you could get through it in about half the time, and being a big fan of story modes I was a little pissed at what there was to offer. When I completed the game it didn't feel satisfying, it felt like just another mission where you go here and kill this. You then get a short cut scene where you're told there is still much to do, I thought that's 'cause I haven't done much in the first place.

Now on to what annoyed everyone; the drop system and the engrams. Let me start with the fact that when you hit level twenty, to level up any more you need to upgrade your armour with light. I hated this so much, as rather then getting good at the game or spending time doing missions, it turns it into who is the luckiest at getting the most kills in PVP or strikes. It doesn't matter and has no out come in what you eot in the end, so levelling up turned into pot luck. Now on to the engrams, what a mess that was now fixed apparently (I wouldn't know because since they've fixed it I haven't had one legendary drop). Basically you get random items which you had to take to get deciphered, and the five tiers were common, uncommon, rare, legendary and exotic. The problem with this was if you took a legendary engram to the guy, you had about a 10% chance to get a legendary item which, lets face it, is a bit of a kick in the teeth especially when you start levelling from twenty to thirty.

The player vs player is solid maps, are fun and you have five game modes to choose from but its still lacks anything, and certain guns in the game can make matches very one sided. On a whole I'm not much of a PVP fan in any game, I'm a sore loser and getting murdered repeatedly frustrates me, but that's not the games fault that's down to me personally which I admit. The friends I play it with do enjoy the matches, but again the loot drops at the end leave a lot to be satisfied, as one time I played with a couple of friends who topped the team yet got no items where as I got a couple of good items which even I admitted were undeserved due to how much I had sucked.

So on to my final rating. I really feel like what I experienced was half a game, with the down loads making up the other half, which isn't right in my opinion. Looking at other massive multiplayer games there is no way near enough content. The fact they left out the option to match make in certain strikes or the raid was a very poor decision. Bungie are constantly trying to fix the issues and update any bugs in the game. My final rating for Destiny is a 4/10 compared to the beta which I gave a 7/10. The game as a whole is below average and feels like a cash grab more then anything. Whats your opinion on the game? Anything important I missed out? Let me know in the comments. Richee

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