Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Walking Dead Episode 5 Review

The end of season 2 has come an gone. Episode 5 picks up where the promising episode 4 ended. But will it live up to the lofty heights of the first season, or will it only just limp over the finish line? Spoilers ahead so beware.

So the shoot out is going on all around Clem who is keeping her head down. The baby's crying prompts you to act. After retrieving the baby you go for cover behind the wall. The shoot out soon ends with all the Russians dead, except Arvo, who is distraught at the loss of his sister. Your group is surprisingly well off, with Luke getting shot in the leg and Mike taking a shot to the arm. After some debate to weather you should let Arvo live or not, he manages to talk you round with a promise that he will take you to his base, which is full of supplies. Kenny doesn't feel they can trust Arvo, so makes his life tough during the walk. When you reach the hide out, which is on the opposite side of a frozen lake, Arvo insists it is safe to cross. After getting across the lake, having lost Luke and Bonnie to the icy waters, Kenny decides Arvo led them into a trap and beats on him, making both Mike and Jane sceptical of his sanity. Kenny manages to find an old beat up truck which he gets working, and they decide to get a nights sleep before they make a decision of where to go. One thing leads to another, and you end up leaving ahead of schedule, minus Mike and Arvo. Kenny and Jane continue to argue until they come to a bunch of cars blocking the way. Breaking the group up Kenny and Jane finally come to a head and you have the ultimate choice of who survives.

So that's the main story plot, left a few twists and turns out as I don't want to give everything away, but yeah that sums it up. I was glad to see Jane, even though she did turn up quite quickly making her departure kinda pointless. The group deaths were anti-climatic, and the whole thing with Mike really pissed me off in the end. The story is good but compared to to the original, the whole chapter felt empty. Jane's actions were also dubious in the end, but I had made my mind up between the two characters quite early on, as I liked the chemistry between Jane and Clem. So rating this episode I'd probably drop down to a 6/10. It was very bitter sweet, never fulfilling the potential of the first season, but not being an utter mess at least. My final verdict on the whole season would also be 6/10; it had more lows then highs, but was a very competent game by Tell Tale, but coming of the success of the first season this pales in comparison. Here's hoping season 3 will bring in some more likeable characters who you actually wanna save when it comes to it. Richee

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