Thursday, 4 September 2014

Walking Dead Episode 4 Review

So following the lack luster episode 3, I jumped straight into episode 4 expecting a little something more. Thankfully Tell Tale didn't disappoint this time around. Just so you know there will be spoilers in this blog so read at your discretion.

The story opens where the last episode ends. Your group has been scrambled by the zombie horde, Clem manages to stumble across Rebecca who isn't doing well in the circumstances. Luckily Jane comes to the rescue and calms the situation. You make it to the meet up point, luckily Bonnie, Mike, Kenny and Sanita are waiting. Sanita is suffering from her zombie bite and Kenny is not taking it well. Clem and Jane take off to find the rest of the group, there's a good bit of a dialogue where you find out some of Jane's back story and why she is so distant. You walk past some mobile homes and hear Luke shouting at Sarah, as you search for a way in you come across zombie Nick. After dealing with the walkers you get to the home. Luke and a catatonic Sarah are hiding, and the situation turns from bad to worse as the zombies burst in. This is where you face your first big decision, as you have to choose between convincing Sarah to come with you or leaving her to die. I went for the second option because, well, I had got sick of this character at this point. The group decides to split up as Rebecca's pregnancy seems immanent and you need a place to deliver the baby. A lot more dialogue ensues and you meet a character named Olav briefly. You find a gift shop and decide it's the best your gonna find. You regroup and make it to the shop with a whole bunch of zombies tailing you. After dealing with the zombie menace, Rebecca gives birth and Jane leaves believing she would be better off by herself which seems wise as these people enrage me, except Mike he reminds me of Lee so he's cool. The episode ends on a stand off, which actually has me looking forward to the fifth episode.

So that's the story in a nut shell, missed a few bits out but these were the most important bits (I missed quite a lot of the action scene's out). You deal with a lot of zombies in this episode, and it's so satisfying to finally get to killing the zombies. I was sad that Nick's death happened off screen, but your not gonna see all the deaths. Luke and Kenny's bickering is getting tedious and the fact Jane left was a bit depressing, but you understood why she left. So final rating for this episode is 8/10. This was what made the previous season so good; caring about the characters and killing zombies. I'm now hoping that every one dies in episode 5 except Clem and Mike, but I have a horrible feeling Mike won't last long in episode 5. Richee

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