Monday, 1 September 2014

Walking Dead Episode 3 Review

This episode has been out for a while now, but I finally got round to playing through it. Just so you know there will be a few spoilers concerning characters and their actions so if you haven't played through yet, you've been warned.

So episode 3 brings us to Carvers base which is rather brilliant, as he is set up in a garden centre with green houses set up on the roof. The barricades surrounding the centre look a bit flimsy though and you know any large group of zombies will be able to break through easily. After a short lecture about whats expected of you under Carver's roof you meet a new character called Reggie who helped the break up and lost an arm in the process. When you go to work the next day it doesn't take long for things to go bad, as Sarah trims the berry bushes too much which leads to Carver pushing Reggie off the roof. This was the point you realise no one will last long under this nut bags rule. Luke shows up and asks you to get him a walkie talkie. So you come up with a plan to get a walkie talkie and escape. Of course things can't be that simple as Luke gets caught and Carver decides to punish the group by breaking Kenny's face. The plan works as Bonnie joins the group and upon murdering Carver and Troy you escape but not among a few casualties to the group.

Well that's the story in a nut shell. Other things happen but nothing of real importance. You get a couple of new additions to the group in Mike and Jane who both seem competent compared to the others, and Jane seems like a total bad ass. My biggest issue with this episode was the choices, with a few sneaking moments not a lot else happens, and the final big decision back fired on me as the choice I went for I missed due to the back and fourth action which I must admit rather irritated me. The series isn't grabbing me as much as the first season. Clem is a great character but not a very strong lead character, and with the group being a bunch of incompetent jerks I really don't care who dies. My final rating for this episode is a 6/10; where there is little to do in the game play front, the action that happens is very entertaining with a couple of very brutal deaths. Sarah is an incompetent child who I'm now getting fed up with, and as for Luke getting captured, what a twonk he went down in my books at that point. I'm hoping that episode 4 brings alot more to the game play though as so far this series feels lacking. Richee

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