Tuesday, 16 September 2014

DVD Round-Up: formalin brain solution edition

First up, we have the disgusting and insulting mess of a film Sabotage, that sees the ageing Schwarzenegger lead a bunch of people a massive shooting frenzy. They all end up hating each other. I really didn't like this film; I found it lazy, sexist and moronic. However, that shouldn't stop you seeing it if you're intrigued. Rent, maybe? Either way, its a film that requires you leave your brain in some formalin, in a jar, in the kitchen, as you yell at explosions on the screen. Listen to our review in the player below. I think Richee's review was alot less scathing than mine.

I'll be fair to this film: it looks very attractive, and some of the music is pretty good. This is what happens when vampires read too much Baudelaire and listen to too much industrial drone music. The little details in this film are fun, but the overal effect of this film is that its a little slow, a little boring, and only adds to the mythos of vampire's being as dull as humans (I'm looking at you, Twilight!). The kind of thing you watch at 3 o'clock in the morning, when you fancy something a little arty and fancy.

Bad Neighbours is both entertaining and forgetable. I haven't thought about it much since it came out in the cinema. If you do see it, it may make you paranoid that parenthood will leave you a humourless shell of your former self, and that ignorant frat boys really do have the better life, and that all young people like dubstep. Apart from that, its pretty funny in all the ways you'd expect a Seth Rogan film aimed at 15 year olds to be.

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