Monday, 1 September 2014

BoJack Horseman Season 1 Review

Not quite sure what I was expecting when I stumbled across this Netflix original on Netflix. The show follows 90s TV sensation BoJack Horseman, who starred in a show called Horsin Around. Who also happens to be part man and part horse. Now though in present day he is a washed up actor living off his fame and fortune from the past, living in Hollywood with lay about Todd. BoJack is a cynical alcoholic and delusional thinker. He is beloved by everyone, when in fact (with the exception of Mr Peanut Butter) no one really likes him. His latest venture is to write a book about his life. When nothing comes he is forced to get ghost writer Diane to follow him round documenting his life while he explains his past, from his parents to his 90s stardom, while trying to make it sound better then it actually was.

BoJack is voiced by Will Arnett who is brilliant as BoJack Horseman, with his slightly less bleak view on life when he was a star in the 90s, to his sarcastic views and ill tempered nature of his currant life. Aaron Paul brings his talents to Todd who is living with BoJack, as he got kicked out of his parents home. He may be a slacker but he always wants to help when he can and even when he can't he will try his best. Amy Sedaris plays Princess Caroline, who is part cat part human and also BoJacks ex girlfriend and agent, who Bojack relies on to fix most of his mistakes and mishaps. Diane, played by Alison Brie, is not only a ghost writer but also BoJacks latest crush even though she is dating Mr Peanut Butter, who BoJack considers some one who just copies his ideas

The series was a pleasant delight. The 12 episode series is very watchable with episode number 2 hitting the high point, with BoJack going up against a Navy Seal, stealing his 12 pack of muffins. If your looking for a entertaining mature cartoon series you can't go wrong with this. Easily a 7/10 for BoJack Horseman some episodes are better then others but they are all enjoyable so give it a watch if you have the Netflix. Richee

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