Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Wolf Among Us episode 5

So the last episode of Telltales Wolf Among Us has come and gone. You finally see Big B in his true form, along with Bloody Mary, and you finally find out who actually murdered Faith and Lily, just who the Crooked Man is and how much of a grip he has over Fable town and it's residence.

The story starts where season 4 left off with the Crooked Man and his goons (including both Tweedles; not sure if the one I murdered has healed or the game just decided to ignore my decision, either way not to happy to see him there). After a brief back and fourth with the Crooked Man he tells you it was Georgie Porgie who murdered the girls after misinterpreting his orders. Georgie doesn't take the blame well and everything kicks off but for some reason everyone decides to attack Big B. I was hoping Georgie might try to redeem himself for the murders but he doesn't and gets a knife to the belly for his actions. You give chase choosing to go after either Georgie or the Crooked Man; I chose Georgie. You chase his car down the street and scale buildings to keep up with them. They head back to the Pudding and Pie where you find out how low they have stooped for the Crooked Man and the depths he and Vivienne have both sunk. Georgie lets you know where the Crooked Man has gone, you then have to choose between killing Georgie or leaving him to bleed out on the floor.

Now this in my opinion is the best part of the chapter:you head to the steel factory for the final confrontation with Bloody Mary. The Crooked Man goes to his office to wait for Mary assuming she will easily deal with Big B. After a small scuffle Mary flees you give chase only to find her transformed into a hellish version of herself with chunks of mirrors sticking out of her body which she uses as a weapon. After you get the upper hand, more Mary's appear slashing away at you until you turn into the Big Bad Wolf of old with his signature huff and puff, shattering multiple Mary's, and you then make short work of Mary and her duplicates.

You then head up to the Crooked Man who levels a gun at you and tells you he will happily go with you to stand trial for his so called crimes. You get to choose to either attack him or agree to what he wants. I was hoping to agree with him until I got his gun off him where I'd tear his face off for being such a pain in my arse. Unfortunately you don't get that option after you get the gun. Big B takes him back to Fable Town to stand trial with most of the main characters as the jurors. What ensues is a very lengthy back and fourth, which I got a bit tired of and just wanted to murder him. you get the final say in what happens to the Crooked Man. After that's dealt with there is a couple of conversations with some other characters before the episode ends.

So that's the end of Wolf Among Us and I gotta admit after all is said and done I'm feeling a little bit disappointed. At no point did I die in any of the episodes. I suppose Big B can't really die as he is so tough but it doesn't feel like the game was much of a challenge. The final episode felt weighed down by too much talking and not enough action, even though the chase was well done and the fight with Mary was awesome,mthe whole thing just felt lacking, and in the end I don't think I really accomplished anything as Fable town just goes back to the way it was except with Snow in charge instead of Crane. My final score is an average 5/10 for what is an interesting story I just felt frustrated near the end. The fact that the Tweedle I killed didn't stay dead and the options I was given wasn't what I wanted in the end, so yeah.

Final thoughts for the whole season of Wolf Among Us would be a 7/10 its a good game with interesting characters and story, ultimately though your decisions don't feel that important and the game doesn't feel like a challenge. I don't know how much longer Telltale can carry on with the point and click style they have embraced. The first season of Walking Dead was brilliant cause it hadn't been done that well before but I now find myself being indifferent to there episodic games and the fact that I don't feel my choices matter that much, I don't feel the need to play them through a second time. Richee

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