Tuesday, 5 August 2014

DVD Round-Up

First up we have the British prison drama Starred Up, with Skins favourite Jack O'Connell playing a ruthless young offender who is "starred up" into the adult prison, where his unforgiving dad is also serving time. Gritty and at times brutal, this film can be chilling in its depiction of prison violence, but there is a sentimental streak that sometimes tips this film over into predictability. Listen to our review in the player below (or through itunes) to hear what we thought of it when it first came out.

Also out this week is Richard Ayode (the brilliant comic turned director) and his second feature film. Based on the novella by Dostoyevsky, you follow Eisenberg, a man who discovers his doppelganger who is doing everything better than he is. I really wanted to see this in the cinema when it cam out, but I remember it was on for such a short time that we didn't get to see it. But now it is out the buy, expect a review from us very soon.

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