Friday, 1 August 2014

Destiny Beta Review

Luckily for me one of my friends gave me a code for the beta. I wasn't going to bother as I'm not a fan of Bungie or their Halo series, me being a Sony fan boy. So when this game was announced I was very indifferent about it, but now having played it I'm very impressed and happily jumping on the Bungie band wagon.

So the game starts with you creating your character; there are 3 classes to choose from and then 3 races. You then customise them with a nice selection of eyes, lips, face paint, the usual, hopefully there will be a few more in the main game but if not, won't be a big deal. The game starts with your little robot friend, called a ghost, reviving you and taking you through an abandoned building where you do a little tutorial. The first thing about this game I noticed is how beautiful it is, the game looks astounding and the atmosphere when your ghost turns into a flash light when your in a dark passage or room is awesome. 

The story has three factions; from what I've gathered first group is your group of good guys made up of other players with their preferred race of either Human, Awoken or Exo. The villainous Fallen who are an alien race with four arms and seem to be the main antagonists , and the third race is the Hive who occupy the moon and are the scarier of the two villain factions, but I don't know how much time their gonna get in the main story. One of my favourite aspects of the game is that the Fallen and the Hive openly fight each other and in one of the first missions you stumble across them in a massive shoot out. The beta gave you six main missions (I think) on Earth and the ability to explore and do side quests at level 4, so its great fun just driving around on your land speeder. I stumbled across a couple of events where you had to destroy a Fallen tank with lots of other players and close portals that the Hive are opening up.

There was one player vs player game available over two maps. I unfortunately only got to play this once and got steam rolled by the other team but found it enjoyable none the less. The game mode you got to play was Domination where you have to capture certain points and keep them to attain the most points in a six vs six game. Your weapons carry over from the story with all your skills you've unlocked, so it would have been smarter to go in at level 8 but I went in at level 5 and payed for it.

The levelling up allows you to unlock certain skills, and you can also upgrade said skills depending on how much you use them, same as certain weapons and Armour. With a great selection of weapons with different types, like normal rifles to plasma rifles and so on, the weapons also look and sound great. The armour all looked similar to what I had before but in a different colour but I assume there is a greater selection out there.

My final verdict on this Beta demo of Bungies Destiny, is that the game is great and since the beta ended I have missed playing it, will definitely be picking this up on day of release and can't wait to get back into the action. My final score is an 8/10, this is a very good demo and has got me looking forward to its release more then any other game. The side missions could involve more but that's only a minor concern which I'm sure will be changed upon the full games release. Richee

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