Thursday, 21 August 2014

Actors I want for Expendables 4

So following the disappointment of the recent Expendables and following on that theme, I thought I'd choose my top 5 actors I want for Expendables 4. I will be sticking to the original idea of classic movie icons rather then the kids they got in the latest film.

5. Bruce Campbell - The king of the one liner and blood splatter, I can't think of anyone better to get the Expendables back to an 18 certificate. Fair enough he is known mostly for the horror franchise Evil Dead, but they are pretty action packed, plus the long list of B-movie action films he has done. The one down side to Bruce is he lacks the typical look of action star, lacking the muscles and bulk of most, but he could fit nicely fit into a bit part or maybe as the villains demented side kick.

4. Kurt Russell - Not sure how they have made 3 films all ready with out Snake Plissken. That being said what a great time for Kurt to be introduced, maybe as member who lost an eye in battle and was forced into retirement. It gets Kurt in a eye patch and he could play a bad ass sniper brought back into the fold for support cover, maybe on Arnie's team with Jet Li to then again pull Stallone's group out of trouble.

3. Danny Trejo - At the ripe age of 70 Trejo has finally pushed his way through as a leading man getting the lead in the Machete trilogy. I think maybe a Chuck Norris like role would work the best coming in for fun reveal maybe as Antonio Banderas friend or family member, helping out while being the opposite to Galgo, having him being an irate bad ass who would give Lee Christmas a run for his money in the knife throwing department.

2. Takeshi Kitano - The Japanese legend would be great as a katana wielding villain. He could lead a small group of elite Yakuza members working in human trafficking and selling human organs on the black market. This would pair him nicely with a slightly unhinged doctor played by Bruce Campbell. Takeshi can play an extremely menacing and threatening character which might actually make the audience think that maybe the Expendables can't beat this guy.

1. Michael Biehn - The hero from Terminator and Aliens is often overlooked when it comes to 80s action icons. One of my all time favourite actors, he was rumoured early on for Expendables 4 but this is no longer the case unfortunately. Would like to see him as maybe one of Drummers men who goes with the Expendables to ensure they catch Takeshi, to try him for his crimes. After the death of Stonebanks maybe Drummer has less faith in the group, maybe allowing Biehn to take charge of the Expendables.

So that's my top 5 actors to see in the franchise, what do you think ? If you like the list share it with your friends so it goes viral, then Stallone might see it and hire me to write the script for Expendables 5, I can dream. Don't forget to check out the review for Expendables 3 and go check out Layla's thoughts on the Expendabelles. Richee

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