Monday, 15 August 2016

Diamond in the rough - Small Apartments Review

Searching through the latest films on Netflix, I stumbled across this very random comedy/drama, based on the novel by Chris Millis. Starring Matt Lucas from Little Britain as Franklin Franklin, a loner with issues who dreams of going to Switzerland, he currently lives in a small apartment block in America with his pet dog Bernard. His dead landlord, played by Peter Stormare, is also occupying the kitchen. His neighbours dislike him (due to his Alpine horn that he blows to cheer himself up most days), and one (James Caan), is a lonely old man who spends his time moaning about anything he can and painting pretty bleak pictures. On the opposite side is Johnny Knoxville, a stoner with aspirations to make sure his life is not wasted. The film really picks up when Franklin tries to make his landlords demise look like a suicide, which does not go well and ends up with the landlord catching fire. This brings Billy Crystal into the frame as a detective with marital problems, and realising this might not be a suicide, they decide to investigate further.

So that's the basic story, but there is so much more, like Franklin's brother Bernard, played by James Marsden, who's mental state is deteriorating and goes in search of answers, bringing him to Dolph Lundgren character who writes self help books. Matt Lucas is brilliant as Franklin, walking around in his underwear for most the film, and wearing some peculiar hair pieces to match. His American accent is odd but adds to the characters obvious issues. Johnny Knoxville is excellent as Tommy, with his parental issues and out look on life being both flawed yet understandable. Everyone else does a good job in their roles, with Juno Temple being eye candy for Franklin.

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, he does a brilliant job with this story and cast, where you actually do feel for the characters when you see what they are going through, and the comedy isn't laugh out loud, but made me smile and chuckle at certain parts.

All in all, this film hits all the right notes, getting a good balance between the comedy and the drama. I'd rate this film a 8/10: it is a really good film, so if you've got Netflix and you want to watch something different, you can't go wrong in my opinion with this. Richee

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