Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wolf Among Us: Episode 4

I think I may be enjoying this more then the Walking Dead series. The characters are so well done and intriguing. The game opens with Bigby being operated on finding out Bloody Mary shot him with a silver hollow point bullet. Snow doesn't want you to revert to your wolf form but Colin is there to back you up (it's weird how one of the three little pigs is one of my favourite characters). You don't get much rest as Beauty calls you for help and after a bit of back and fourth between Bigby, Beast and Beauty you get two locations you need to check out, both places with links to the Crooked Man, one a pawn shop and the other a butchers shop. Not a lot happens at the butchers but you meet Jersey the owner of the pawn shop who is actually the Jersey Demon, who I've never heard of but he looked bad ass. Woody is already there looking for his axe so a fight breaks out between the three of you and luckily Woody helps you out and you get the items you need in the pawn shop to find the Crooked Man. Shall leave it there so not to give anything away. The last scene where I was in the minority with the decision I made maybe I'm getting too nice. One thing that stands out is the fact both Tweedles are still alive even though I brutally murdered one in the previous chapter, I suppose there harder to kill then I thought. The story is slower but still works really well. I felt like a bit of a jerk teaming up with Colin to undermine Snow but hell he is a cool pig. The fight with the Jersey Devil is cool mostly cause he looks brutal and the end, if abrupt, does leave you wanting more, so looking forward to episode 5 now would rate this episode a solid 7/10 interesting but just too short for my liking. Richee

One freaky looking bastard

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