Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The State of British Cinema

So it's happened. British cinema has hit rock bottom. I know your thinking "but Richee, surely it hit rock bottom after Keith Lemon The Film", which it did. Some one decided to pass it a shovel so it could dig itself further down with the Harry Hill Movie and now with Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie I have lost all hope for any possible future for British cinema, which seems to rely on poor TV comedians making terrible films, making it look completely incompetent. What happened? We had Guy Ritchie producing brilliant gangster movies, Edgar Wright doing comedy the way it should be done with the Cornetto trilogy and even Sharon Maguire's Bridget Jone's Diary was a watchable rom-com. So to put this in context, Keith Lemon scored a dismal 2.7 out of 10 on IMDB, while Harry Hill only got 3.5. There is a big difference between sitting down to a half an hour TV programme to paying out ridiculous amounts of money to watch the same thing stretched out over an hour and a half. I just pray that this film loses money in hope they will leave crap TV on TV rather then trying to milk money out of the poor movie going public.

That's only part of the issue. I now turn my sights on my childhood, with the announcement of Paddington due to be released later this year. Based on Paddington Bear, the much loved children's TV show/ books created by Michael Bond. Having watched the trailer though it looks awful, having no resemblance to the original character and who probably won't even eat marmalade sandwich's. Plus with Postman Pat getting a movie earlier on this year, voiced by Ronan Keating of all people, why can't they leave these old shows alone and come up with some new ideas, so I don't have to feel embarrassed at the shit this country is putting out. Pull your act together or just don't bother wasting time and money, you penny pinching pricks. Richee

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