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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 1 Review - Spoilers

So recently me and the Layla watched the Robert Rodriguez and friends adaption of From Dusk Till Dawn as a T.V series, and then watched the 1996 film to just remind us how bad the T.V show was.

So starting with the T.V version. I reviewed the first 3 episodes as they came out and frankly they were not up to scratch. I won't say too much but they felt very dragged out and very over filled with irrelevant nonsense and characters. Episode 4 saw the brothers meet up with the Fuller's and the show got a bit more interesting with Jacob Fuller, played by Robert Patrick, and if he murdered his wife or not. The Fullers were played very well at the start. Brandon Soo Hoo was a more aggressive Scott and Madison Davenport had those innocent doe eyes and looked like a goodie goodie. 

Episode 5-7 was the arrival at the Titty Twister in all its glory and we find out that Jake Busey is actually Sex Machine, played brilliantly by Tom Savini in the original but Busey did a good job with the role, even though he had some cheesy lines. Santanico also made her appearance in this episode dancing with a two headed snake. Freddie Gonzales who has been chasing the Geckos brothers finally caught up with them, and put a bullet in Richie's back which triggered the feeding frenzy as the Vampires start eating all the patrons. 

So on to the vampires who are now also snake people apparently. They are vampires but from a snake cult, so yeah they weren't demons like I thought, and they don't really bother explaining Richie's visions from earlier imagining people as demons. You also find out it wasn't Richie doing the sacrificial murders that had been happening (he only did the one) yet they don't go into anything else about it. 

Episode 8-10 is where the series starts to slip back into obscurity as Scott gets turned and they do a lame shopping spree in the basement, where all the stocked up trucker supplies are. I'm sure it was meant to be a bit of fun but it just felt silly and none of the classic weapons from the original make it in. A pointless character shows up to do the shopping spree then just gets killed off later, just because. We also see Seth reunite with Richie to do a heist in a imaginary labyrinth which reaked of inception and was just super lame. Episode 9 nothing really happened, just more of the same from episode 8. Then the final episode saw Jacob get bitten by Scott. Richie gets taken by Carlos who is upset cause Santanico wants Richie rather then him, so Seth has to save Richie but ends up being bitten by Richie, but he didn't put venom in him so it doesn't matter. Freddie Gonzalez just wants out at this point so leaves. Seth leaves with Kate and vampire Richie leaves with Santanico on a new vampire quest which leaves it open for a possible second season which I hope doesn't happen. 

All the charm and character the Gecko's had in the film is gone, as both brothers are constant dicks to each other and you never know who is in charge. Jacob Fuller is portrayed so weakly by Robert Patrick, which was shocking as he was the most promising actor in the role amd the series, but gone is the bad ass Harvey Keitel Jacob in comes Robert Patrick who comes of as a wimp. They decide to have Sex Machine try to sacrifice Kate to the gods which kinda works but just felt so lazy, same as the Scott being turned story line just felt forced and the whole mind heist was ridiculous. That part of the script should have been thrown out. 

So my final rating for season one is 3/10. This is a bad movie adaption, poorly executed with a dragged out ridiculous story that takes its self far too seriously. Both Gecko brothers have no charisma and are so unlikeable. Jesse Garcia as ranger Gonzalez is good but is portrayed as the bad guy even though he is the good guy, but as his relatives are apparently bad asses he can survive being bitten, but again they do nothing with it, they just say fuck it. The whole Santanico/Carlos storyline with them being slaves to the nine elders was blah and didn't really have as much of an impact as it was meant to so yeah massive let down. Richee

Film review of the classic '96 film will be out tomorrow.

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