Friday, 6 June 2014

From Dusk Till Dawn: Movie Review

My goodness I think this film was better after watching the crappy series, everything works so well. For those who haven't seen the film the story follows the Gecko brothers; Seth, played by George Clooney, and Richie, Quentin Tarantino, in possibly his longest role and probably best acted. The brothers have just robbed a bank and are now on the run from the law murdering anyone who gets in there way, after Richie slaughters their only hostage they come across the Fuller family, including a bad-ass performance by Harvey Keitel as the father Jacob. The brothers commandeer their RV to make it across the border to Mexico. 

As they make it across the border and to the bar, the Titty Twister, where they are meeting their contacts in the morning, as the bar is open *from dusk till dawn*. After beating down the doorman the Gecko's and Fuller's head in to have some drinks and enjoy the, well, "the titty's". The fun doesn't last long as Richie is attacked by the door man and his goons, including a very young looking Danny Trejo. This leads to the workers off the Twister turning into hideous vampires and start slaughtering all the patrons. 

After the weak are whittled away we are left with the bad-ass characters fighting the vamps. This includes Seth, Jacob, Sex Machine and Frost, while Scott (Ernest Liu) and Kate (Juliette Lewis) the Fuller kids watch on. After dealing with the Vampires they have to deal with all the patrons who have now been bitten.

I shall leave the story there because if you haven't watched it yet you really need to watch it. The acting is brilliant all round even from Tarantino as the unhinged Richie, then having George Clooney as the extremely charismatic Seth. Rodriguez is on form as you would expect, with exception to the Spy Kid films Robert Rodriguez never lets you down. The pacing of this film is excellent; the switch from action-thriller to horror-comedy, none of it feels dragged out or dull. The music fits, especially in the club with the band playing slow seductive music during Salma Hayek's dance, to the fast paced music during the slaughter. The vampires look awesome and all have their own little touches, and the inventive weapons from Sex Machines cock gun to Seth's jack hammer/stake are really iconic with the cock gun making into other Rodriguez films. 

The best thing is the fact that they don't take it seriously; it's cheesy but not on a level where its ridiculous. The perfect combination of horror and comedy. The film is everything the TV version isn't which is such a shame for the series. This gets a massive 8/10 from me; it's an excellent film so if you haven't watched it go buy it, or it's on Netflix if you happen to have it. Richee

The four bad asses; Harvey Keitel, Fred Williamson, George Clooney and the awesome Tom Savini.

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