Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Stick it to the Man PS4 Review

This week's PlayStation plus game was Stick it to the Man. I've recently been disappointed with the free games on the PS4, getting Dead Nation when it was previously free on PS3 and is identical in my opinion to the original, which was really lame. Then with Mercenary Kings last month I was extremely disappointed. With there being better games for free over the PS3 and even the Vita I have recently been questioning my purchase of Sony's new machine. Anyway here is my review for the latest free game. 

Straight from the menu I had a big smile on my face when starting up Stick it to the Man as the song "Just Dropped In" (to see what condition my condition was in), which was in the dream sequence in The Big Lebowski. So straight away I was enjoying myself. The game is 2D on a 3D backdrop, the game itself is a plat former where you have to collect stickers to help others all to activate certain items around the world. You play as Ray who unfortunately gets bumped on the head by some thing strange called Ted which gives you the ability to read people's minds to find out there problems or what they want. One of the best things about this game is the humour with lots of random events and some very strange objectives, down side to the game is the length. I completed it in 2 sittings in about 3 maybe 4 hours, with not much reason to play back through it unless you want to try to collect all the trophies, which I might do as it doesn't take that long. But as a game on the PS4 I really expected something better. It is better then the last two games but as a whole I expect more from the next generation of game consoles, and I belive this was on PS3 originally but I'm not sure. I would rate Stick it to the Man 6/10; entertaining for what it is but lacking from what I expect. Richee

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